Site Settings

Through the Site Settings you have the ability to edit setting changes to all of your Zenfolio pages.

You can make certain changes to how your visitors can navigate and what will appear for them.
The settings for site wide elements include:

Accessing Site Settings

Site Settings are found in Customize Website View.​

In the Dashboard, hover your mouse pointer over Website then click on Customize Website.

Website to Customize Website View
The page will refresh with a new customization menu at the top, confirming that you are in the Customize Website View.

Click on Site Settings to open the Site Settings panel.

Site Settings


Hiding and Showing the Site Settings

The Site Settings link can be minimized along with the Edit Site Menu panel. Once hidden, it will remain hidden until the photographer choose to show it again.
If the Edit Site Menu panel and the Site Settings button is not viewable, it means that the the Edit Site Menu panel has been minimized and hidden.  It can be displayed again by clicking on the three dot icon that appears on the left edge and dragging it to the right.
Site Menu Show uisng the 3 Dots

General Site Settings

Here you can determine the following general settings:
  • Display/Hide top-level All Photographs group in breadcrumbs
  • Fade in site elements - this give a smooth contemporary feel to the way your page elements appear on your site.


About Message

The About message is an opportunity for you to include a personal introduction about yourself or to tell your visitors more about your photographs.  The About message is displayed in your About page.

About Photo

As part of a public profile you may choose to include your photo. By including your photo you create a more personal connection with your viewers, and it is highly recommended that you do this.


Please note: the Favorites feature is only available to subscribers of the Pro and Advanced plans.

The Favorites feature allows visitors to pick specific photos in a gallery or collection, save them as a set of favorites, and then share this set directly with the photographer. A link to this set can also be e-mailed to a friend.

The option to enable or disable the Ken Burns effect in Favorites Lists slideshows can be found here.

Mobile Site

  • You can determine whether you want to allow your visitors who view your site on a mobile device to choose between the mobile version or the desktop version. 
  • You can also choose to upload and display your own logo or to use your display name.

Logos and Icons

Here you can upload and set a web browser icon (favicon) and/or a logo specifically for the mobile version of your site.


Video Player Logo

This feature is exclusive to Pro and Advanced account subscribers. You can upload a custom logo to use on videos that you embed elsewhere on the Web. This logo will not show on your Zenfolio pages.


To support your clients globally, Zenfolio allows you to determine the language of your pages in the Dashboard and the language that your visitors will see in your Website View.