Adding Photos to a Collection from Website View

You can add your own photos as well as photos from other Zenfolio users to collections in the Website View while looking at photo pages.

  1. Make sure to login to the Zenfolio Website first so you may access your collections and then navigate through any Zenfolio user's website until you are looking at the photograph you would like to add to your collection
  2. Move your mouse over the image so the left menu bar appears. Select Add to Collection from the menu. A list of all your collections will open to the right. If you do not see your collections, make sure to login to the Zenfolio site.
  3. Select the destination collection or Add to a new collection to create a new one.‚Äč

A confirmation message will appear at the top of the image letting you know that you have added the photograph to a Collection.

When you are finished adding photos you can return to your Dashboard to rename and organize the Collection(s) you have created.