Playing and Controlling the Full Screen Gallery Slideshows

Slideshows can be displayed on various pages on your site. They can be displayed on your home page, group pages and gallery pages.

This guide covers the slideshows displayed in your galleries.

Please see these links for more information on displaying a slideshow in these other pages:

In your galleries, your site visitors will have the option to view the images in the gallery in a slideshow.  There is a Slideshow button displayed in the gallery's Thumbnails Page and in the Photo Page.  

See this page for how to remove the slideshow button from a gallery.

The Slideshow feature is an excellent way to showcase the photos in your galleries and collections. It is designed to give your viewers a dynamic and elegant presentation of your work. 


Starting a slideshow:

In Website View of a gallery page, click the Slideshow button next to in the top right of any gallery or photo page.

Slideshow Button

Press the Escape key on your keyboard or 'Back to Gallery' in the top left to exit the slideshow window.  Use the Four Way Arrow icon on the top right to toggle between Full Screen view and Browser window view.

Full Screen Gallery Slideshow Back to Gallery

All available controls will be displayed but will disappear after a few seconds to allow for viewing the images without obstructions. The controls can be displayed again by moving the mouse over the slideshow.

  1. Use the Play/Pause icon on the bottom right to Play or Pause the slideshow.
  2. Use the thumbnails displayed across the bottom for navigation.
  3. Hover the mouse pointer over EXIF to view the image's EXIF info (only if allowed by the photographer).
  4. Hover the mouse pointer over the Caption icon to view the image's caption.
  5. Use the volume icon on the bottom right to change the volume of any soundtracks added to the slideshow by the photographer.

Full Screen Gallery Slideshow Controls


Customize the Options displayed in the Gallery or Collections Slideshow

You can customize which of the options are available to your site visitors when viewing a gallery/collection slideshow. You can also add a soundtrack to the slideshow.

To edit the Gallery Slideshow options, you'll need to access Customize Website View for the desired Gallery.​​
  1. In the Dashboard, go to Photos.
  2. Navigate to the desired Gallery under the Organizer.
  3. Hover the mouse pointer over Preview then click on Customize.
Preview to CVV

The page will refresh with Customize Website View displayed at the top, confirming that you are in the customization mode.

  1. In the top left corner, click on Gallery Thumbnails. From the menu that appears, click on Gallery Slideshow to switch to the gallery slideshow editing view.
  2. Go to Soundtrack to add music to the gallery/collection slideshow.
  3. Go to Options to customize different options used in the presentation of the gallery slideshow. Options include the ability to hide options and elements, slideshow transitions and durations, playing the photos in random order and more.
  4. Click on Save as Default to apply the same settings to all other gallery slideshows with default settings applied.
  5. Publish your changes before exiting Customize Website View to make those changes live on your site.
Gallery Slideshows in Customize Visitor View
See this link for more details on how to add a soundtrack to the gallery slideshow.

Editing Slideshow Options

After opening Options (Number 3 in screenshot above), the Options panel will appear.
  1. Uncheck Use Default Settings For Layout, Theme, and Options if necessary.
  2. Select the desired tab.
  3. Set the desired Options to Show or Hide.
  4. Click Apply.
Gallery Slideshow Options Page Elements

Slideshow Options - Page Elements

The elements in the Page Elements tab allows you to show or hide various elements that are displayed in the page when the slideshow is displayed. See screenshot above for reference.


Slideshow Options - Layout Options

This tab contains the option for controlling the width of the slideshow. Setting this to Dynamic will allow the slideshow to automatically configure their placement based on the width of the site visitor's browser window.  Setting this to Fixed will set the the slideshow to a fixed width.

Gallery Slideshow Options Layout Options


Slideshow Options - Slideshow tab

This tab contains the options for controlling the slideshow's playback behavior.

Gallery Slideshow Options Slideshow tab



Gallery Slideshow Image Scaling

By default, images are scaled up to full screen when displayed in the gallery slideshow. When using smaller display images or viewing the gallery slideshow on large very high resolution monitors, the quality of the images may be compromised with the scaling enabled.

If the maximum display image size is set to a small size, allowing larger display images may help. You can see how to allow the largest display image size to be displayed (XX-Large) in this guide.

If it is expected that the gallery slideshow will be viewed mostly with very large high resolution monitors, then disabling the scaling would be recommended.Gallery Slideshow Options Scale Images