Controlling How Items are Found using Search

By default, photos upload to your Zenfolio account are included in public searches unless you've uploaded them to a gallery that has been set to Private or Password protected via Access Control.

But as the site owner, you always have the option of limiting what items are displayed when searched. You can choose to allows items to only be searchable using the search tool in your site or not be searchable at all.

Please note, while this can be changed for each individual photo, to avoid any confusion, it is recommended that this change be made at the gallery level so that the same settings apply to all of the photos in the gallery.

For Zenfolio users that signed up after May 10 2018, please click here for updated instructions using the new Photos Page in the Dashboard.
  1. In the Dashboard, go to Photos using the main menu
  2. In the Organizer, select the item that you would like to control. information related to that item will load in the Toolbox
  3. In the Toolbox, click Gallery Access. The Access Control window will appear.
  4. Uncheck 'Same as Containing...' if necessary.
  5. Go to the Search and Metadata tab.
  6. Choose to allow or not allow items to be searchable
    Allow Content to be Publicly searchable - this will allow search engines to be able to index the items for display in search results. Items that are Locked with a Password or set to Private in Access Control will not be searchable regardless of this setting.
    Allow searching content on my site only - This will allow items to be displayed in search results when using the search function in your site. However search engines will be prevented from index so the items will not be displayed in their search results.*
    Do not include photos and videos in any search results - The photos will not be displayed in any search results in both the site search tool or in search engine search results.*
  7. Click Save to apply your changes.

Access Control Search settings New Edit View

* Only applicable after this setting (Do not include photos and videos in any search results) has been applied. If search engines have already indexed the contents of the gallery, the items may still be displayed in search engines searches. The items will not be removed from their search results until they re-index your site.


Please note: the group or gallery and its images will need to be publicly accessible for the contents to be indexable by search engines. Private galleries, galleries that are locked with a password or are otherwise inaccessible will not be indexed by search engines and may not show up in search results.

If the top most group's (called the All Photographs group by default) Access Control settings is set to hide the group from search engines, it will cause your site's home page to also not be searchable by search engines. So if you would like your home page to be displayed in search results, make sure that the All Photographs group is not hidden from searches.


Please see this guide for more details on our built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools.