Assigning watermark to photos

For Zenfolio users that signed up after May 10 2018, please click here for updated instructions using the new Photos Page in the Dashboard.

After creating a Watermark, the next step is to assign it to photos. Watermarks can be assigned to one photo at a time or a whole gallery.

While it is possible to assign a Watermark to individual photos, it is recommended that the Watermark be applied at the gallery level. When applied at the gallery level, by default the same watermark will also apply to all of the photos in the gallery.

Once you have created a Watermark and assigned it to a gallery, it will be the default Watermark for all newly uploaded photos to that gallery.
  1. In the Dashboard, go to Photos.
  2. Under the Organizer, select the desired gallery. Related information for the gallery will load in the Toolbox
  3. Under the Toolbox, click on Watermark.
  4. A pop-up window will load with all of the Watermarks you have created. Select the desired watermark.
  5. Click Save to apply your changes.
Assigning watermark to photos New Edit View
It may take some time for new images to be generated with a watermark. Keep in mind that when you update a watermark template, new images will need to be regenerated with it applied, which takes time. Try to minimize changes to watermarks to avoid unnecessary generation of images.

Because of this, it is not recommended that you change the watermark just before displaying or proofing the images with your client.


Watermarks Added to Display Images

When assigned to an image, the watermark is added to the display versions of the image only. The display images are the images that are actually used to present the image online.

Any watermarks added using the built in watermarking feature are not added to the original full size image that is uploaded to Zenfolio. It is the original image that is used to fulfill order so the images in the orders will not contain the watermark.

Additionally, the watermark is not added to the small thumbnail sized display images (below 200 pixels in size).

Click here for more details on Display Images.


Please also see this video on how to use Watermarks:


Click here for more information on creating and applying Watermarks to your photos uploaded to Zenfolio.