Creating a Custom Watermark

The built in watermarking feature is only available to Pro and Advanced plan users.

To create a watermark image file you need an image editing application, such as Adobe Photoshop. We recommend using a PNG file with the resolution of 800 x 600 pixels – this size will result in the least amount of distortion when a watermark is resized.

Start with an empty transparent image, and then add text, logos, or shapes. Save the file in the PNG format with alpha channel transparency.

Here is an example of a transparent watermark in either the PNG, TIFF or GIF formats.
Here is the same logo watermark saved as a non-transparent JPEG.

A small challenge is to make sure that the watermark is visible on lighter and darker images. This can be easily achieved by adding a dark drop shadow to a white watermark.

Creating a watermark that works for your images takes some experimentation. You can easily find some examples by searching for the word "watermark" on the Zenfolio search page to find some very creative uses of watermarks by other Zenfolio members.

For Zenfolio users that signed up after May 10 2018, please click here for updated instructions using the new Photos Page in the Dashboard.

After creating the watermark image file, you will need to create a new custom watermark in the account and then upload the image file as the graphic used in the watermark.
  1. In the Dashboard, go to Photos.
  2. Go to Watermarks under the Organizer
  3. Click New. The Select Watermark Image window will appear.
  4. Mark the circle for Upload new image then click Browse
    Select the desired watermark image from your computer the desired watermark.
  5. Click Save.

Uploading your own custom watermark images New Edit View

After creating the new watermark, you'll need to assign the watermark to your photos.

You can also choose to set it as the Default Watermark so that is is automatically added to new uploads.

Please also see this video on how to use Watermarks:


For more information on creating custom watermarks see this Zenfolio Blog post.