Deleting a Watermark

You can delete any of the Watermarks that you've created.

Please Note: Deleting is a permanent operation and cannot be undone.

Also deleting a watermark will remove the watermark from all photos to which the watermark has been assigned.  This means that the system will be forced to re-render the display images for all of those photos.  Because this can take time, it is not recommended that watermarks be deleted right before the photos are to be displayed to a client.


  1. From the Dashboard, go to Photos.
  2. Go to Watermarks under the Organizer Column.
  3. Click on the desired watermark.
  4. Click Delete in the menu above.
    You can also click the menu arrow on the watermark and select Delete from the drop down menu that appears​.

Deleting a watermark New Edit View​

For more information on creating and applying Watermarks to your photos uploaded to Zenfolio please click here!