Editing watermark placement and opacity

When creating your own custom watermark, you can choose the watermark placement and control where the watermark appears on your images.  You can also edit the watermark's opacity and choose how much transparency is applied to the watermark when it appears on your photos.
  1. From the Dashboard, go to Photos.
  2. Go to Watermarks under the Organizer Column.
  3. Double Click on the desired watermark.
  4. To edit the location of the Watermark on your photos click to drag it across the sample photo until you are satisfied. Several sample images are provided and it is highly recommended that you view your watermark using the all of the samples.
  5. You can control the opacity of your Watermark with the Opacity slider bar under the sample photo. Drag the slider back and forth until you are satisfied.
  6. You can choose to edit the name of the Watermark if you choose by typing into the Name field.
  7. Click Save to apply your changes.

Editing watermark placement and opacity New Edit View‚Äč

Please also see this video on how to use Watermarks:


Click here for more information on creating and applying Watermarks to your photos uploaded to Zenfolio.