Saving default watermark

Setting a Watermark as the default will affect all new photos and galleries. Every newly uploaded photo will inherit the default Watermark.

The Default Watermark will only automatically apply to images that have been uploaded after the Default Watermark has been set.  The change will not retroactively apply to images that are already in the account.

Images already in the account will need to have the watermark manually assigned to their containing galleries.

How to Save a Watermark as the Default Watermark

  1. From the Dashboard, go to Photos.
  2. Go to Watermarks under the Organizer Column.
  3. Click on the desired watermark.
  4. Click Set as Default in the menu above.
    You can also click the menu arrow on the watermark and select Set as Default from the drop down menu that appears.

Save as Default Watermark New Edit View


Please also see this video on how to use Watermarks:


Click here for more information on creating and applying Watermarks to your photos uploaded to Zenfolio.