Color Management and Soft Proofing your Photos

Color management is the optimized conversion of colors displayed between digital imaging devices such as digital cameras, computer screens, printers, scanners, etc. In other words, the purpose of color management is to control how the color of your photos will appear when viewed as well as printed on various devices.

Color spaces

Zenfolio supports most major Color Space standards, so you do not need to change your workflow.

Zenfolio temporarily converts your photos to the sRGB color space before generating display images to correctly convert true colors for online presentation. If you are concerned with our conversion process and wish to ensure your image quality for online viewing, save your photos as sRGB.

For the best print quality, only if necessary, we convert photographs to the color space used by the photofinishing lab. Please check with our vendors to determine the necessary color space requirements. For example MPIX states, "All color matching needs to be performed in the sRGB color space."


Calibrating your monitor

It is highly recommended that you use some method of calibration for your computer monitor. This will help to ensure that the colors on your display match the colors in your prints as closely as possible. Please see specific vendor information below.

More information is available about color calibrating on


Soft-proofing your images

If you are familiar with color calibration and would like to soft-proof your images, you can download and install paper specific profiles from the Zenfolio vendors:


MpixPro Lab:

Download Mpipro's ICC profiles for soft-proofing the images through this link. Your final images should use sRGB color space.


Mpix Lab:

Download Mpix's ICC profiles for soft-proofing the images through this link. Your final images should use sRGB color space.


Zenfolio Easy Photo Album Design Service:

Download the ICC Profile for soft-proofing the images for the Album Service through this link.  Download this PDF file for instruction on how to install and use the ICC profile.


Zenfolio Photo Products US

For best color reproduction, please adjust the color of your images using these steps and settings:

Open Your file in Photoshop. Go to Edit / Color Settings and on the top left of of color setting dialog box scroll down and select Sawgrass_sRGB, then click the OK button on the right hand side of dialog box. 
Now you must convert your file to RGB / sRGB.
Go to Edit / Convert to Profile. Change your destination  profile to sRGB; the conversion options are as follows Engine should be Adobe (ACE) and Intent Perceptual. Do not check any of the options in bottom. Click OK in Convert to Profile  dialog box. 

Pikto Lab (Canada):

Download this lab's ICC profiles using these links:

Your final images should use sRGB color space.

In order to have accurate soft-proofing at home, Pikto recommends that you calibrate your monitor with a hardware device such as the X-Rite Eye One. Colors will be accurate to the screen only if files are prepared using a calibrated monitor and following our soft-proofing guidelines available online at They strongly encourage that you calibrate your monitor by purchasing or renting a calibration device.



Download fotoflot's ICC profiles for soft-proofing the images through this link. We recommend you embed an ICC color profile in your digital file to help identify the color space used. If no profile is included, sRGB color space will be assumed.

When you use this profile, make sure to:

  • Set rendering intent to "Perceptual"
  • Deselect "Black Point Compensation"
  • And, most importantly, select "Simulate Paper Color"

One Vision Imaging:

Download OVI's ICC profiles for soft-proofing the images through these links:

  • ICC Profile for all prints printed on glossy or luster paper.
  • ICC Profile for all prints printed on metallic paper.

Your final images should use sRGB color space.




Download Nulab and NuShot's Soft Proof Installation PDF, ICC profile, and Calibration Images through these links: