Uploading from a Photo Management Application

For your convenience Zenfolio offers third-party upload tools to add photos to your Zenfolio pages from many photo management applications.

Supported programs include:

  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (Mac and Windows)
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery (Windows)

Some information on this page may be outdated. Please refer to our Toolkit for the most up-to-date list of uploading tools.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (Mac and Windows)

Export-to-Zenfolio is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom that allows you to upload photos to Zenfolio directly from Lightroom.

Jeffrey Friedl is the author of this tool available for download from his Web site: regex.info/blog

The export plug-in is compatible with both the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

Please see this guide for how to install and upload photos using this plugin.

Windows Live Photo Gallery (Windows)

You can publish photos to Zenfolio directly from Windows Live Photo Gallery. If you are not familiar with this product from Microsoft, it is a free application used for managing and previewing photos on your Windows XP or Vista system.

To install the plug-in, download and run the self-contained installation program for Windows XP and Vista. You need to have the latest version of Windows Live Photo Gallery installed before you can use this plug-in.


Once installed, select photos or folders to upload, then choose Publish » More Services » Publish on Zenfolio from the menu.


Other desktop software uploaders


Command-line ZenSync

ZenSync tool helps move photos from your computer to Zenfolio. It runs from a command-line and synchronizes your photo collection each time it is run. ZenSync goes through an entire directory and uploads only those photos that are not already on Zenfolio. It doesn't matter how you organize your photos — they just need to be in a single directory tree.

If you were hosting your own photos using Gallery or Coppermine, this would be a great way to transition to Zenfolio.

Dan Richardson is the author of this tool available for download directly from his web site: www.plymptonia.com


Photo Guru Backup and Restore

Photo Guru Backup and Restore is a standalone application for Windows. It provides a complete solution for keeping photos on your computer synchronized with a Zenfolio account. You can use this tool to upload photos directly from your PC or download the photos back as you need them.

CMP-Soft is the authoring company of this tool, which is available for download directly from their web site.


Express Send To Zenfolio

Express Send for Zenfolio is an easy to use upload application for Windows.

This handy tool gives you the ability to right-click on any image or folder within Windows and sends it directly to your Zenfolio account. Express Send will search through the entire folder structures and upload all the images from the selected folder. Even nested folders will be found and sent. If you store all your images in one directory, right clicking and selecting "Send to Zenfolio" will upload every image from that directory! One click, many upload.

Text Connects is the author of this tool, which is available for downloading directly from their web site.