Digital Downloads FAQs

Can my family download entire galleries easily?

Normally, the downloading of images for free is disabled but the photographer is able to allow free downloading from specific galleries.

As the site owner, you can allow the downloading of lower resolution display images or allow the downloading of full resolution original images.  Once the downloading of full resolution original images has been allowed, site visitors will be able to download single images or download all of the images in the gallery at once.

You can also password protect your galleries to allow only certain visitors to access the gallery. The option is also provided to lock the downloading of images with a password.

Can I download my own photos back if my computer crashes?
You can download your own images from your Dashboard at anytime as long as your account has not been closed.  You can download individual images or download an entire gallery at once from the Dashboard. Click here for how to download images from your account.

How can I sell digital downloads?

With a Pro or Advanced plan, you can sell Digital Downloads of your images and video.  See this link for how to sell this type of product through your site.

Can people download images with my watermark on them?
Depending on how the watermarks were added to the images, you may be able to allow clients to download images with the watermarks.

If the watermarks were added before uploading the images to Zenfolio, then the watermarks will be present anytime the images are downloaded.

If the watermarks were added using the built in watermarking feature, then the watermarks will only be present in the display images shown in the site.  Watermarks added this way will not be present on the image when the image is printed or if a download of the image is purchased.

To allow others to download images that have been watermarked using the the built in watermarking tool, you'll need to allow the downloading of lower resolution display images.

What happens after a Digital Download product is ordered?

See this guide for details on what happens after a Digital Download product is ordered.