Online Proofing and Sales

Can I just show my images as an online portfolio here?  
Yes, you can use your Zenfolio site as an online portfolio to showcase your work to friends, family and potential clients. The Starter Plan was created just for this purpose. If you would like to have a great looking, fully customizable site to show off your work, you can definitely do that here.

How can I integrate Zenfolio with my existing website?
If you have a current website hosted elsewhere, and you wish to integrate Zenfolio for sales or proofing, you can specify the “Home” link direct visitors back to your existing website by using the External Home Page feature. If you enable this feature, your personal web site will replace the Zenfolio-provided Home page.Please see this link for more information on setting this up.

Can I sell my work here?
The Pro and Advanced plans were designed with selling in mind. With one of these plans, you have access to a complete selling platform with great vendors to work with, along with the options to sell digital downloads and fulfill your own orders if you wish.
While Zenfolio was created with photographers in mind, many other types of professionals have been able to utilize this great selling platform (and for a great price!). We have several clients who use this platform to sell design work, specialty items or fine art.
How do I price my products?
With a Pro or Advanced account, you can create as many Price Lists as you need and then apply them to a gallery or photo. You set your prices inside the Price Lists either by entering them manually or by using our built-in formula tool. Please see this link for more on setting your prices.
What is Self-Fulfillment?
Self-fulfillment means that you as the photographer opt to sell products that will not be filled by any of our Partners and that you take the responsibility to fulfill these orders yourself. 
If you decide to create and fulfill your own products, Zenfolio will take orders from your clients and forward them to you. You will need to collect payment, and fulfill orders directly. Payments can be accepted using PayPal or you can collect your payments in person. The responsibility is with you to communicate with your customers and to provide customer service. You also have the option of offering your self-fulfilled products in one of 19 supported currencies.
What vendors can I use? Can I use my own?
We have many great partners that you can work with who offer prints, showcase items and specialty products. Your location will determine the type of plan that you purchase (US, CA, UK, EU or AU) and which Vendor Lab Partners you have access to.

For a list of the partner labs available with each plan, please see this link.
In addition, you can choose to sell items that are filled by your chosen vendors, by offering Self Fulfilled Products
What products do your Vendor Lab Partners offer?
Our partner labs offer a very wide range of products! You can see all of the products offered by each lab once you have an account with Zenfolio. If you already have an account, click here to see the list of products offered by each lab.

What is a vendor product?
A Vendor Product is any product offered by one of our partner labs. When a Vendor product is ordered, the order is approved (either automatically or by you, per your settings) sent to the lab, printed, and shipped to the customer. All profits from these sales are deposited into your Zenfolio account.

Can I create Packages?
Yes, you can create a package by going to Selling >> Packages> > Create New. Here you will be able to specify what kind of package it is (a single image for all products, or multi-image) and which products it includes. Please see this link for more details.

Can I require a certain package be purchased before customers can add single prints/products?
With an Advanced account, you can specify an order minimum, but currently there is no way to require a specific item be purchased in an order, nor any way to require purchasing of a package/product before other items can be added.

Can I sell digital downloads?
Yes, you can sell digital downloads by creating Digital Products. When setting up the products, you can choose among different size options (or create a custom size), and you can create different license agreements for each product. Please see this link for more information on setting up and selling Digital Products.

How does the Mpix free shipping work?
Priority Shipping is free for all Mpix orders that meet all of the criteria below:
  • Over $35 in base lab costs: Base lab prices are the prices set by the lab, not the prices set in the photographer's price list.
  • Can be shipped via Priority Shipping: Products that are 20X30 in size (and over) and framed prints with glass cannot be shipped via Priority Shipping. Also if the order needs to be shipped to a PO Box, Priority shipping cannot be applied.
  • Must order Mpix products: The $35 free shipping only applies to Mpix orders. It does not apply to Mpixpro, Miller's and orders from other labs.

How does International Shipping Work?
You may choose from various products offered by our partners based on your location and the location of your target customers:
Mpix Lab MpixPro USA USA and Canada USD
Zenfolio US USA Worldwide USD, GBP, CAD, Euro
Pikto Canada Canada CAD
One Vision Imaging UK Worldwide except US and Canada GBP, Euro
Nulab Professional Imaging & NuShots Labs Australia Australia and New Zealand AUD
fotoflōts USA Worldwide USD, GBP, CAD, Euro

For more information about each vendor please visit this page.
How much do prints cost?
The base cost prints (and other products) varies per vendor. You can see all of the products offered by each lab and the price of each products once you have an account with Zenfolio. If you already have an account, click here to see the list of products offered by each lab.

What’s the difference between a Coupon and a Gift Certificate?
A Coupon discounts the order before the order total is finalized.  It can be applied to products, shipping or both, and you can limit which types of products the coupon can apply to (Prints, Packages, Digital Products and Self-Fulfilled).

A Gift Certificate is applied to the total cost after the order is completed, and is used just like cash or a credit card for payment. If you offer a gift certificate for more than an order is worth, the remainder will still be available for the next order.  Photographers account balances will be charged when a Gift Certificate is used.

How will I get paid?
You can request a payout of funds from your account at any time. When you earn profits from selling, the proceeds are deposited into your Zenfolio account. You can use your profits towards ordering products, renewing your subscription, giving someone a gift subscription, or have them paid directly to you. The funds can be sent via PayPal or by ACH transfer. There are no fees for Paypal Payouts and ACH transfer and there are no minimum amounts required.

Most Payout requests take about 3-5 days to process.
Before you begin selling, it's important to provide payment information in your Payout Profile in the Account section of your Zenfolio pages. This information will let Zenfolio know how you would like to receive the profits from your sales. It also includes income tax applicability as well as your address, in order to mail your 1099K form at the end of the fiscal year (if required).

The United States law requires us to collect tax applicability information in the event you earn profits. If you are subject to the U.S. Taxes, and your payouts exceed $20,000 and 200 transactions, we are required to issue you a 1099K form and forward a copy to the IRS. Please note that a 1099K is not the same as a 1099-MISC (which we are not required to provide to tax regulators).

For setting up your Payout profile, please see this link.
And for requesting a Payout, please see this link.
Do you charge a commission?
We charge a service fee for selling vendor fulfilled products, digital downloads and self fulfilled products. You can see our fee structure at this link.

What is a chargeback/dispute/inquiry?
 A chargeback dispute happens when a customer disagrees with or doesn’t recognize a charge. Instead of contacting Zenfolio or you, they go directly to their credit card company or PayPal. One of the reasons customers do not recognize the charge is that the charge for the order placed appears on the credit card statement as “online photo order”. Some customers dispute the charge if they are not happy with any portion of their order.
We are encouraging you to make sure your customers contact us and not their credit card companies or PayPal should they have any questions or concerns.
What are Zenfolio’s actions after chargeback is filed?
If  a customer filed a dispute with their credit card or PayPal, we will ask you to help us clarify the matter. We also get in touch with your customer in order to resolve the underlying cause of the dispute.
Please note: In order to initiate the reprint, the dispute has to be closed first. At the same time we handle all the formalities with the bank.

What happens if the dispute is won?
If the bank decides the dispute in our favor, your profit will stay in place.

What happens if the dispute is lost?
In the event that chargeback goes through, and Zenfolio has fulfilled all obligations, we will reverse your profit.
Even if we lose the dispute you will not be responsible for:
  • Bank fees
  • Product cost and shipping charges
  • Service Fee

Is Zenfolio SHA-256 compliant for Paypal?
Zenfolio is fully compliant with Paypal's SHA-256. No additional actions are required on the photographers part to make their Zenfolio site compatible with Paypal's SHA-256 requirements.

Is Zenfolio TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 Upgrade​ compliant for Paypal?
Zenfolio is fully compliant with Paypal's TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 Upgrade. No additional actions are required on the photographers part to make their Zenfolio site compatible with Paypal's new requirements requirements.