Displaying a Slideshow on a Group Page

Slideshows can be displayed on various pages on your site. They can be displayed on your home page, group pages and gallery thumbnails pages.

This guide covers the slideshows displayed in your Group Pages.

Please see these links for more information on displaying a slideshow in these other pages:

Groups, like galleries, have their own web page that is used to display their contents to your site visitors.
Also like galleries, this Group page is highly customizable and you can choose to add a Spotlight Content area to the Group Page.

The Spotlight Content area can be used to display a single photo or video, embeddable content or a slideshow

To enable the Spotlight Content, you must choose a layout that contains a Spotlight Content area.

  1. In the Dashboard, go to Photos.
  2. In the Organizer, select the group you would like to edit.
  3. Hover the mouse pointer over Preview then click Customize.

Access Customize Visitor View of a Group

The page will refresh with Customize Website View at the top, confirming that you are in the customization mode.

Next - Click on LAYOUT and select the Centered with Spotlight Area:
  1. Click on Layout
  2. Select the Centered with Spotlight Area
  3. Click Apply

Apply Spotlight Content Layout to Group

Next - you will be able to configure the slideshow:

  1. Click Spotlight Content.
  2. Select Slideshow.
  3. Select the desired gallery or collection with the photos that you want to display in the slideshow. 
    Note: You will not be able to use private galleries or galleries with password protection. The gallery must be public.
  4. Click Select to apply the gallery selection.
  5. Go to the Set Options to select from the available options for displaying the slideshow.

     -  Use the Show Images for field to choose how many seconds you would like each slide/photo to display.
    -   Use the Transition drop-down menu to select the transition style you prefer.
    -   Select or Deselect Loop Slide show images as desired.
    -   Use the When Clicked drop down menu to determine what you would like to occur if a slideshow image is clicked.
    -   Use the Loading animation style as desired.
    -   Click to select Hide or Show for the Show Slide Show controller.

  6. In the Set Options tab, use the drop down menu next to Soundtrack to choose a song to play with the slideshow.
  7. Go to Set Layout tab to choose the layout options for the slideshow.

    -   Choose the size of the slideshow by using the Size drop down menu.
    -   For Image Handling, choose Fit Entire Image if you want to display the entire image without any cropping
    -   Show or Hide the Border as set in the Theme Designer
  8. Click Insert.
  9. Click Publish to apply the settings to your live site and exit this mode.

Group Spotlight Slideshow