Enabling Visitor Tracking with StatCounter

Another way to track visitors to your Zenfolio page is with Stat Counter. This is a free tool that allows you to collect aggregate information about visitors to your Zenfolio pages, such as the number of unique visitors over time, their location, length of visits, and much more. Also please note - through StatCounter individual photo views are not tracked.

Part I – Setup StatCounter

No Existing Stat Counter Account
If you don't have an existing Stat Counter account, you will need to create one. Go to the Stat Counter home page and follow the instructions for creating an account with Stat Counter.
When signing up for Stat Counter, you will be asked to your Website's URL. The URL of your Zenfolio site is: [username].zenfolio.com or the custom domain you may have created for yourself.
Existing Stat Counter Account
If you already have an account with Stat Counter, go to the Stat Counter login page and login into your account.
Under the Profile Tab, click the Add Project button and enter the URL of your Zenfolio site such as [username].zenfolio.com or the custom domain you may have created for yourself.
1.    Select whether you want to use the button or enable invisible tracking. Buttons can only be added to a Custom Page.You can easily customize or disable the counter/button later.
2.    Then select the frequency you would like to receive the reports (daily, weekly, monthly).
3.    Confirm which email address the reports will be sent to.
4.    On the next page select the Default Installation Guide link.

5. Under StatCounter Code for Default Guide, copy the code under the Standard tab.

Part II – Enable Zenfolio Tracking

1.    Select Enable visitor tracking with StatCounter above and type or paste the code obtained in Part I above.
  1. In your Zenfolio account's Dashboard, click on Settings then click on Website in the menu that appears.
  2. Click on Visitor Tracking on the left side of the page then select StatCounter.
  3. Select Enable visitor tracking with StatCounter and enter your StatCounter code into the field provided.
  4. Click Save.
Visitor Tracking Statcounter New Edit View

2.    Once you have saved your settings on Zenfolio, you will still need to click the Check Installation button on the StatCounter website.

Note: To view reports about your Web site visitors, log into your StatCounter account. It may take up to 24 hours for StatCounter to detect your code and start processing information from your Zenfolio site. For Statcounter to start counting visitors, you'll need to have at least one visitor to your site after Installation has been verified by Statcounter.

Your visits will not be counted if you are logged into your Zenfolio account. Also individual photo views are not tracked.