Tracking Downloads of Original Photos

To give you greater insights into how many times your photos are being downloaded, Zenfolio allows you to see basic download activity for any of your photos.
  • Please note: This feature only shows the number of times an Original photo has been downloaded - and does not show tracking information on your Digital Orders or the saving of display sized images. Free downloads of videos are not tracked as well.
By default the ability for visitors to download your original photos is turned off. For more information on allowing or not allowing your original photos to be downloaded please click here.

To see the number of times that an original photo has been downloaded, go to a gallery from your Dashboard and:
  1. In the Dashboard, select a photo 
  2. Under your Toolbox you will be able to click the Information icon  - there will be a pop-up window with information about the photo.
  3. Click on the number next to Original Downloads
  4. Another pop-up window will show you who has downloaded the photos and how many time they have downloaded the photo.
  • If those visitors that have either logged into as a Client or signed into the gallery (if Visitor Sign-in is enabled) this will show the visitor's name or email address.
  • If the visitor does not have a client account or has not signed in the download will be recorded as "Anonymous".
  • To make sure that visitor information is captured when an image is downloaded and Anonymous is not the only captured information, you may want to consider enabling Visitor Sign-in.
  • For more information regarding how your visitors can create a Client account please click here.