Using your own Custom Domain Name

All Zenfolio sites will have their own unique web address based on the photographer's username. The default web address will appear in this format -

The option is also provided to use your own custom domain. Example custom domains include, and

Get a Domain Name

Here is a general overview of the steps needed to use a custom domain with a Zenfolio account

  1. Register the custom domain with a domain host
  2. Point the domain to Zenfolio using DNS records
  3. Test the domain in the Zenfolio account then set it to the account


Terms and Definitions

Domain Registrar – a registrar is a company that registers domain names (.com, .net, etc…) and manages information about the domain. Registrars may also provide hosting services, but not always. There are many different registrars who offer a range of prices and registration periods.

Host – a hosting company provides space on a server for files to be hosted on the internet. There are many different hosting companies who provide many different types of hosting services and price points.


1. Register the Custom Domain

To use a custom domain, it must first be registered with a domain registrar and hosted by a domain host.

Example domain hosts include:

After registering the domain with the domain host, it will then need to be pointed to Zenfolio. The changes required to point the domain to Zenfolio are made with the domain host.

Please note that Zenfolio itself is not a domain host so it is not possible to register a domain with Zenfolio or transfer a domain from another domain host to Zenfolio.

Register a new domain through through the Zenfolio account

If you have not already registered the domain with a domain host, there is a link to a domain host in the Zenfolio account that can be used to register the domain with a domain host.

  1. In the Dashboard, hover the mouse pointer over Settings then click on Website.
  2. Click on Custom Domain in the menu on the left.
  3. Enter the desired domain in the Check Domain Name search field then click Go. That will direct you to the domain registrar/host where you can register the domain.

Register with iwantmyname

For Zenfolio users that signed up after May 10 2018, please click here for updated instructions using the new Photos Page in the Dashboard.


2. Point the Domain to Zenfolio using DNS Records

After registering the domain with a domain host, the next step is to point the domain to Zenfolio. That is done through the domain host.

There are two different ways to configure your custom address; Option A or Option B.

Option A:  A-Record & CNAME - Using the Domain just for the Zenfolio account

Examples of using the domain just for the Zenfolio account include domains like 

This is the most common configuration if Zenfolio is your only website. Please click here for specific steps.


Option B: CNAME Only - Using just a Subdomain with the Zenfolio account

Examples of using just a subdomain for the Zenfolio account include:


In these examples, the store and gallery parts of the domain are the subdomain. This leaves the domain and available to use with another website.

Photographers usually choose this option when they want to use their Zenfolio site just for client proofing and selling prints while maintaining their domain for a separate portfolio website.

 Please click here for specific steps on how to point just a subdomain to Zenfolio.


For a general video presentation on using a custom domain name please click on the Play button below. 

Note: The registrar used as an example in the video is GoDaddy. Your registrar's interface may look different but the information that needs to be updated is the same. You may also need to contact your registrar for help configuring your DNS.

Please Note that DNS changes are relatively straightforward, however we highly recommend that you thoroughly read the following hints and tips for proper configuration and minimal downtime.



Tips for using a Custom Domain

Things to do: 

  • Read these instructions fully
  • Contact Support if you have questions
  • Be patient – it can take up to 48 hours for your changes to be live everywhere

Things not to do:

  • Forwarding/Redirects will not work with Zenfolio
  • Displaying the Zenfolio site within an iFrame
  • Use Domain Masking through your domain host
  • Change your NAMESERVERS (you should be using your domain host's default nameservers)