Adding Products to a Price List

This feature is exclusive to Pro and Advanced account subscribers.

Price Lists are used to control the products offered for sale to your clients and the prices that your clients should be charged for those products.

This guide covers how to add products to those price lists.

Before adding products to a price list, you'll need to first create the price list. The products can be added during the price list creation process or they can be added to any existing price list at anytime.

There are two kinds of price lists that you can make.

  • Prefilled Price Lists - These price lists will automatically contain the most popular products when the price list is created.  The products will be set to the average price set by most Zenfolio photographers. Click here to see how this is created.
  • Blank Price Lists - These price lists are completely blank when they are created.  This allows the photographer to start a Price List from scratch. Click here to see how this is created.

Additional products can be added to either of the above kinds of price lists.  Unwanted products can also be removed from price lists at anytime.

After creating the new price list, follow the steps below.

Adding Products to a Price List

To add products to a price list, the price list must first be opened for editing.

  1. In the Dashboard, go to Selling.
  2. Click Price Lists.
  3. Click the name of the price list you would like to edit.

Choose Price List

  • If selling to clients outside of your region, make sure that the proper currency is selected. The default currency for your region will be automatically selected. Please see Adding Multiple Currencies if you would like to add more currency options.
  • Click on ADD PRODUCTS to start adding products to the price list.

Add Products

Once you have clicked ADD PRODUCTS. A pop-up menu will load with all of the products available for that currency.
  • Click on Show: All Vendors to filter the products by vendor. To display all products from all vendors that are available under the selected currency, choose All Vendors or leave it on All Vendors if that is already selected.
    To add Digital Download products and Self-Fulfilled products, choose your own photography business in this menu to display just those products.

  • Click on the Product Category to open that category and add products from that category.

Product Categories

  • Check the boxes next to the items you would like to add to your price list.
  • Click Add Selected Products. Your price list will be updated with all of the items added, listed by category.
    Repeat the last 3 steps until you have added all your products. 

Check the Box for the Products

After adding the products, the products will be displayed in the price list.

  • For prints, check the boxes to choose the paper types you would like to offer for sale.
  • You can also set the price that you would like to charge for the product. Click here for more info on setting prices of products.
    You may also have the option to add Finishing and Mounting services to your product.

Choose Paper and Set Prices

Once you have finished, click Save to apply your changes.  Or click Save and Assign to save the price list and assign it to your galleries.
Save and Save and Assign

If planning to offer products for sale internationally, please see our guide on adding currencies and selling products globally.

You may also be interested in seeing this video tutorial on creating new price lists.