Selling Gift Certificates as a Self-Fulfilled Products through Zenfolio

Note: The ability to create gift certificate and sell Self Fulfilled products is only available if you subscribe to the Pro and Advanced plan.

You may wish to add the option to sell gift certificates through your Zenfolio site. While the system does not have a built-in feature to do this, you can create your Gift Certificates as Self-fulfilled Products and adding them to your Price Lists.
  1. To do this, you'll need to create a new gallery and upload an image that represents a gift certificate.
  2. Then create the Self Fulfilled products for each gift certificate denomination. For example, create one for $50, another for $100, another for $150, etc.
  3. Then create a new price list and add the Self Fulfilled products to that price list.
  4. Then assign that price list to the gallery that contains the image that represents the gift certificates.
Your clients can then go to that gallery and Buy the gift certificate image.  They will then be presented with the gift certificate denominations.

As with any Self-Fulfilled Product order, you will receive a notification that your gift certificate has been purchased, along with the customer's email address. 

And also as this is a Self Fulfilled product, you will need to create the gift certificate for the client after the order is placed. 

You can then email the code to the clientThe client's contact info will be displayed along with the Self Fulfilled product order details